The House of Bazar

We understand that you have a billion questions on your mind.That’s why we’re here—to answer them all!

1.   Do I Get Paid For The Products I Sell On TheWebsite?

Yes, of course! We would never take away your earnings fromyou. However, there is a small fee that we docharge our sellers. This fee is for advertising on our platform. In a nutshell,it’s the merchant’s fee.

Once your earnings have become available, you can withdrawthem via debit, your checking account, or PayPal.

2.   How Does Your Website Work?

We are an online marketplace that was created by a group ofwomen, who are passionate about fashion and apparel. We’ve dedicated ourselvesto serving stylish women online by providing them with the trendiest clothingand accessories at affordable prices.

You can buy or sell products on our online platform.This is a digital marketplace where women who are interested in selling orbuying products have the opportunity to explore their options.

3.   How Do I Create a List?

Once you sign up with us using our website, you can use youraccount to create a list. You can even download our app to create one.

You can list your product, set a price, and then post it forreview. Once we’ve reviewed the product and verified its authenticity, we willpost it on our site for sale.  

4.   Do I Pay to Pay for Shipping?

If you’re a seller, no, you don’t have to. You have to pickfrom one of our shipping kits and we will pay for the items ourselves. Thisalso applies to buyers. We will be taking care of the shipping costs ourselvesso you don’t have to worry about anything!

5.   What if My Listing is Missing?

If you believe one of your lists is missing, we recommend youcontact our customer support service or write us an email. We do our best tomake sure our clients and sellers have the best experience with us.

Our customer support representatives will get back to you assoon as possible.

6.   My Buyer Wants the Item Overnight. What Do I Do?

Wehave policies against shipping items overnight unless it’s feasible. If youwant to ship an item overnight, you will be required to use your own materials.